Smartmove Lettings
Do not charge our landlords any fee’s

Simple As 1, 2 And 3

Call or Email us to arrange for our Valuation Officer to visit your rental property. (This can be done within 48 hours)
We will then give you a call and make you a guaranteed offer to rent your property for a guaranteed twelve month period or longer if agreed.
If you are happy, just call in to our offices in Dolphin Lane, Boston and we will then sort out your first rent payment and the contract between us.

Our experience in running large property portfolios enables us to look at statistics and accurately predict how long it will take us to find tenants for your property, the amount of rental income and potential for bad debt we may get. This is factored together to enable us to confidently guarantee the rent that we pay you.

We will assume full responsibility for letting your property and will negotiate the best market rental value we can obtain from tenants on a property by property basis. As we manage a large number of properties, we are able to spread the financial risks associated with letting over our entire portfolio, whilst also pooling our resources. In effect, you ALWAYS get paid a sum of rent that you are happy with and you need not worry about taking risks!

We organise annual gas certificates, EPC`s and other documents for all of our properties and we always use qualified contractors at competitive rates. This is paid for by us and is not an expense passed on to you for additional profit like other letting agents do.


As soon as you sign a contract with us, we’ll start paying you on a date that we agree with you. As simple as that! If the property is unlet, that is our problem; not yours!


We are! We become your tenant and guarantee your rent! You will only ever have to deal with us, not the occupiers of your property

(they will become our tenants when we let your property)


We take financial risks that would normally be yours. If tenants do not pay rent, or if they damage your property, then we cover the loss. It is in our best interests to choose our tenants wisely.


Rent Per Month: £600
Void Periods: -£830
Agent Fees: -£720 *based on 10%
Maintenance: -£300
Tenant Finding Charge: -£200
Certificates (Gas, Periodic Test): -£300
Arrears, Court, Damages: Unpredictable!
Not Guaranteed: £5100 / £425 pcm


Payment from Smartmove: £500
Void Periods: £0
Agent Fees: £0
Maintenance: £0
Tenant Finding Charge: £0
Certificates (Gas, Periodic Test): £0
Arrears, Court, Damages: £0
Guaranteed: £6000 / £500 pcm

* The above worked examples are purely hypothetical and illustrative only. The actual figures achieved will vary from property to property and from time to time.
We will attempt to sub-let your property at the best market rent that we can achieve; which is likely to be higher than the guaranteed rent that we can offer you.





Landlords often question how we get paid from this arrangement. Well, we will pay you less than the market value for your property, when compared to the rent that we hope to obtain when we eventually let it.

However, we assume the risk and obligations associated with managing your property. Also, the chances are that, over a period of time you will actually be better off under the terms of the deal that we offer you than if you had assunmed the full risks and obligations of managing your property yourself (not to mention the reduction of your stress levels).

It really is that straight forward. You can then concentrate on how you really want to spend your time that you have saved!

Why Would I Use Smartmove?

Once you’ve signed up with us, which can be done in an hour, we take on all responsiblities for your property.

This includes neighbours, police, council, utility companies, and general public!

We will only contact you if a major incident occurs such as a fire (which is very rare), or when we need to renew your guraranteed term.


Our Own Maintenance Team

Unlike other letting companies, we have our own maintenance team that can take care of most general property related problems.

Not only do we guarantee rent to our landlords, we also cover the cost of damage caused by tenants (fair wear and tear expected).

This service is available to landlords that have the Smartmove guaranteed rent scheme!

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