Want to sell your house quickly?

Cash for properties within a 14 days!

Cash for properties within a week!

Property fluctuations won’t influence you. Smartmoves sale is quick and smooth because we have immediate access to funds. We have no need for mortgage, we pay cash, as soon as possible.

That means that we can exchange and complete on the sale of your property in days not months. Another benefit is that we can exchange on the property and delay a completion to a date to suit you. The important thing is that you know your property is definitely sold and how much you have to spend on your next one.

Sell your house today!
  • Been in a Chain? 1 in 3 chains breakdown leaving you with hundreds of pounds out of pocket and an uncertain time of are we or aren’t we moving? This can cause you unnecessary stress.
  • Had strangers walking through your house, in your bedrooms, not knowing if they had sold theirs or even if they have the funds to purchase it!
  • Had you House valued, so the agent can get an instruction?
    Causing your house to stay on the market for a long time, therefore, tarnishing your property. Also, burglars, neighbours and work colleagues knowing what your house looks like inside?
  • Have you had a Marriage breakdown and had to live with your partner because the money you need for a deposit is unaffordable until you have sold your property. This could take up to, at least, a further 6 months of mortgage payments. It is a sad fact that 1 in 3 marriages breakdown.
  • Facing repossession? If you act quickly enough you can avoid this, thus making it easier to obtain a mortgage in the future, with no repossession against your name. A repossessed property can make 20-30% less because of the way they are sold, possibly leaving you further in debt!
  • Had problem Tenants that make viewing difficult and had to give them their notice although the property might fall through, which leaves you stuck with an empty house, therefore hard to insure and more costly


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