Sell your property and rent it back – no need to move.

We offer a sale and rent back option where we will buy your property from you and then rent it back to you so you can continue to live in. For a lot of our customers this means they can solve their financial and accommodation problems in one transaction.

Sell and rent back is ideal for customers who:

Want all the benefits of being a cash buyer of their next home without the hassle of moving into rented accommodation first.

Need to release equity ion their homes to pay off loans, invest in a new business or other reason but don’t want to leave their home.

Facing repossession, mounting debts or mortgage arrears. A sale and rent back scheme can pay off debts without leaving home.

Worried about property prices falling – By selling today customers can lock in any profits made from property increases.

Avoid expensive equity release scheme. These are generally targeted at older customers and, because of their long dated nature, mean they are very difficult to evaluate what exactly the true cost is

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