How the pricing works

We encourage you to compare the benefits of a Smartmove sale to other traditional selling methods. Let’s use an example to illustrate the advantages of NOT using an estate agent and selling direct to an investor like Smartmove.

Example of house worth £ 160,000 »

As you can see there are a lot of hidden costs or lost opportunities (i.e. not being a cash buyer of your next property) in selling a property through the traditional methods of using an estate agent.

As professional investors, selling your property to Smartmove takes away all uncertainty and you will experience none of the usual delays and mishaps.

We are able to do this because we are a cash funded buyer with no need for the usual mortgage company approvals. If desired, we are able to buy your property in 14 days although we can tailor this to suit your individual requirements by offering specific exchange and completion dates.

Our offer is cash, it’s guaranteed and it’s a price that we will pay now.

£ 160,000 Market value as suggested by an Estate Agent
Less – £ 11,200
Typical offer through an estate agent
Industry averages show that the average offer for a property is 7% below the asking price. In this example someone selling a property for £160,000 would on average accept an offer of just below £150,000. This number could be higher or lower depending on market conditions and how accurately the property was originally valued. Current trends are that it is a buyers market with offers regularly coming in 10% below asking price. is 7% below asking price
– £ 3,760 Approx Fee to estate agent (2.5 % plus vat)
– £ 1,000
Approx Solicitor fee
At Smartmove we not only prevent you from incurring estate agents fees for selling your property, but we also pay towards solicitors fees saving you even more money.
– £ 9,700
Savings on interest repayments: average house sale takes 6 months (assume 5% APR). Smartmove can complete on the purchase of a property in days. Compared to the traditional means of selling property through an estate agent this could save 6 months wasted time and mortgage payments. What’s more you would have saved yourself 6 months of hassle, stress and worry. It is a well known adage that moving home is one of the most stressful things to do, so by simplifying some of the money issues, can be a real emotional plus.
– £ 9,760
Average discount
By being a cash buyer of your next property you could save even more money. By not being in a chain, and becoming a cash buyer of your next property, just like Smartmove, you too could save 7% or more on the cost of your next property, which in this example is worth £9,760. secured on next property by being a cash buyer
Total £ 124,580 Total real value of your home when you sell it.


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