Design and Build


If your Buy to Let is looking tired or if you have realized that it no longer complies with current Legislation, don’t despair. Smartmove’s in house team can refurbish and transform your property, to bring it up to spec, at a surprisingly affordable cost.

We have our own Electricians, Plumbers, Builders and Designers who are all experienced at solving problems for Landlords. All are fully qualified in their respective trades.  If your property is suitable for converting to HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) we can not only do the conversion for you but dramatically increase your rental income on completion. All these conversions are done to fully comply with Local Council regulations.

If your property is not suitable for HMO but needs improvement, to comply with these regulations, we can again offer an affordable service.

If you are interested email us at for an initial inspection and report with no obligation or cost.

Examples of Normal Rental versus HMO serviced by Smartmove :

Normal 3 Bedroomed House Rental: Landlords income: 500.00 per month. (Rental Guarantee)

Same House after 4 room HMO conversion: Landlords Income: 1110.00 per month. (After all costs deducted. Rentals not guaranteed on HMO’s but in our experience rooms rarely remain empty)

Remember that the Management of the HMO’s or Normal Lets by Smartmove removes all responsibility from the Landlord.  Your property is maintained in serviceable condition and all statutory checks (Fire/Smoke alarms etc) are done and recorded. It really is a no brainer.

Is your agency checking your smoke alarms? slum landlord jailed!

At Smartmove we check properties under our control every 3 months. We use a fully qualified electrician to insure all smoke alarms and precautions are up to date. Please see an article where a Landlord never bothered to check, and if you use an agency and they don’t do the statutory checks the Landlord is still ultimately responsible. Please make sure you choose your agent carefully to ensure that your tenants remain safe.

Slum landlord jailed after boy, 7, perished in fire because battery had been taken out of smoke detector in ‘death trap house’

  • Ajit Singh owned 14 properties across Kettering, Northamptonshire
  • The terraced house where Mateusz Wlodarczyk, 7, lived had no proper fire exit
  • Smoke detector in house where the boy died had been disconnected
  • Two managers who worked with Singh were also sentenced

Please see article here   http:/