Are you thinking of becoming a Landlord with a Buy to Let property?

Are you thinking of becoming a Landlord with a Buy to Let property?

Then you have, either by accident or design, come across the best deal available in this industry.

Smartmove is an original letting agency that guarantees your rent and the condition of your property.

Let me explain:

Firstly if you are looking for somewhere to make a start in this business you could hardly do better than to choose the Boston/Spalding area.


1) The house prices are among the cheapest in the country.

2) Work is plentiful as it is an area blessed with a multitude of factories, farms and food packing stations.

This means your initial investment will cost less than elsewhere and your achievable rent will be higher because, with plenty of work, your tenants will be able in a good position to pay.

3) It is an area covered by Smartmove who offer an unrivalled deal for Landlords.

So what is the deal? You may ask. Well if you sign up with Smartmove your rental payments are paid into your Bank each month, regardless if your property is rented or not. Often tenants will leave and there will be a gap, sometimes of several weeks, where no rent is paid. That will not be your problem if you are a Smartmove Landlord (Smartmove will still pay you in full and on time). Also if you are new to the business you will soon find that, however well tenants are vetted, they often do not look after the contents of your property as you would yourself. There will be times when properties are trashed with furnishings,decorations, carpets etc spoiled. If you are a Smartmove Landlord then this will not be your problem. At the end of your contract, if you do not renew, your property will be returned in as near original condition as possible. Your only responsibility is to insure the building.

Talking about responsibilities, for a Landlord today there are many and to name a few:

  • A Landlord has to check the immigration status of tenants since October 1st 2014 and is liable if any tenants are found to be illegal. The fine for each illegal tenant is starting at 3000 pounds.
  • Fire & Safety risk assessments on the property needs updating at least monthly. Legislation requires that landlords carry out fire risk assessments in all areas of their properties. This process will identify any fire hazards and who is at risk and decide if anything needs to be done to remove or reduce that risk. Your tenants should feel safe inside of their apartment. This means you should ensure all doors and windows are properly secured and have appropriate working locks. All front doors should, at the very least, have a deadbolt lock.

You should also make sure no one else has a key to the tenant’s apartment.

  • A Landlord is responsible for responding to repair requests promptly. A tenant pays you rent to reside in your property and it is your duty to respond to requests for repairs in a reasonable amount of time. The severity of the repair should warrant how quickly you should respond. A cabinet door off its hinges does not need immediate attention but should still be taken care of in no more than a week.
  • Lack of heat in the winter is a repair that requires immediate attention, both for the safety of the tenant and for the benefit of your property. The lackof heat may cause your water pipes to freeze and that could lead to thousands of pounds in repair costs. Also you could face legal ramifications if you are found to be at fault for the boiler not being on – for example: the lack of heat is due to a faulty boiler you have not repaired and not because the tenant did not pay their gas bill.


                                                                                                 That’s the bad News!

                                                                                              Now the Good News!

                                                 Smartmove takes on all these responsibilities for it’s Landlords


That’s what’s Great about being a Smartmove Landlord. You can live Stress Free, knowing  that Smartmove is looking after your asset and your income. You can be relaxing on a beach somewhere while your rental payments are being paid into your bank account regularly and without fail. That’s why we say a Smartmove Landlord is a Stress Free Landlord.

     Ok! Now the big question you’re all asking. How much does this cost? Well surprisingly little.      Initially we will assess your property and come to an agreement with you over its rental value to us.   Our Landlords are invariably satisfied with our offer and, once agreed, a contract is signed and your first payment is made. From that day forward we will only contact you in the most exceptional circumstances (for example if the house burns down). So put your feet up, relax. You’re now Stress Free.

Urgent and important Update for Landlords Responsibilities re Immigrants

At Smartmove it is our policy to keep our Landlords advised of any new legislation that may affect them,

In line with this policy we must advise you that the immigrant policy mentioned in our last News Letter came into effect from the 1st October 2014.

Therefore it is now incumbent on Landlords to take I.D.’s, Passports etc and keep details on file of their tenants immigration status.

If Immigration Officers find any illegal immigrants in Letting Accommodation they will hold the Landlord responsible  and the initial fine

will be £3000 for each illegal. Therefore if you have 3 people in a property you will be liable to a £9000 fine.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that if you are a Smartmove Landlord then we will take on that responsibility as part of our service to you.

Once again Smartmove is enabling you to be stress free while complying with the myriad of legislation that is now required to be a law abiding Landlord.

Landlords required to check immigration status of tenants or face £3,000 fine.

‘The secret to successful property investing is to look after your tenants:’

Landlords are being forced to rein back on rent increases and risking fines if they don’t follow rules. Alister Arundell of SMARTMOVE says “keeping tenants happy is the key to success.”

Landlords told to shop around after dirty tricks and wide variations in costs of letting agents are revealed.

  • Some agents charge both landlord and tenant for same service
  • One letting agent charged landlord £670 for simple contract extension

Landlords have been warned to check the terms they get from their letting agent after research showed the difference between the cheapest and most expensive agents can be equivalent to more than 10 per cent of rental returns.

Tricks including double-charging tenants and landlords for the same service and charging hundreds of pounds for contracts where only the date had changes were also revealed in the research by insurer Direct Line for Business.

On average, the fees landlords pay when they let through an agent are 11 per cent. However, this can be as high as 17 per cent.

The cost of a letting agent completing an inventory on a property ranged from £65 to £300, property visits from £20 to £100 and the charges for managing a checkout from £30 to £125.


Other charges landlords often encounter include paying for the cost of running credit checks on prospective tenants, reviewing references and checking tenants into a property.

Jasvinder Gakhal, at Direct Line for Business, said: ‘While most letting agents are transparent and fair, a minority are doing an injustice to the majority through “double dipping” activities.

‘That aside, it is important landlords consider all the costs they will face when estimating the yield for a property.  

‘Taking into account agents’ fees, taxes and unbudgeted costs such as emergency property repairs, landlords can easily pay out expenses of 25 per cent of their annual rental income for a property.’

Landlords warned that they may be required to check the immigration status of tenants or face 3000 pound fine.

  • New rules set out in Immigration Bill from October Research shows 40% of landlords perform no checks on tenants Eight per cent of tenants have committed crime at rented home.

Landlords may be forced to check the immigration status of prospective tenants before allowing them to rent a property from next year or face a potential hefty fine, under rules in the new Immigration Bill.

The Government says it will enforce the stricter rules on one location in the UK in two months’ time to check a tenant’s right to be in the country – the location of which is yet to be announced. These rules could then be rolled out across the country.

Those who fail to check a new tenant’s immigration status could face a fine of up to £3,000 if the slip-up means they have someone in their property who is in the country illegally.

SMARTMOVE are ahead of the game and will handle any required checks for their Landlords. All legislation is adhered to making your life as a SMARTMOVE Landlord completely Stress Free.


Buy-to-Let price war

Long term fixed mortgages make a comeback with rates as low as 2.99pc fixed for six years – and seven year fixed deals for buy-to-let borrowers

Great News for landlords. This week a flurry of new mortgage deals from high lenders have cut the interest rates paid by buy-to-let borrowers, thanks to market expectations that a rate rise is some way off.

The biggest rate cut came from Leeds Building Societywhich trimmed its two-year fixed from 3.49% to 3.09pc for borrowers with a 40% deposit. Virgin Money, Accord and Santander followed suit this week with cuts to their fixed mortgage rates by around 0.1%. Buyers should be aware that Accord’s deal is part of a sale that ends by October.

Longer-term fixes are attractive to landlords wanting security as variable rates look set to rise.Skipton Building Society is offering a seven-year fix – the longest on the market. Those with 40 pc equity or deposits can borrow at 4.6 % until 2021. The fee, comparatively low for landlord loans, is £750. For those with less to put down – 25 % – the rate rises to 5 % and the fee to £1,750.

The rates on offer are appealing. Virgin Money, the new bank trying to win business from established high street rival lenders, has launched a six-year loan charging 2.99pc. To qualify borrowers need a minimum 30pc deposit and must pay an upfront fee of £995. The deal is available through

Taken from an article by Richard Dyson – The Telegraph

Design and Build


If your Buy to Let is looking tired or if you have realized that it no longer complies with current Legislation, don’t despair. Smartmove’s in house team can refurbish and transform your property, to bring it up to spec, at a surprisingly affordable cost.

We have our own Electricians, Plumbers, Builders and Designers who are all experienced at solving problems for Landlords. All are fully qualified in their respective trades.  If your property is suitable for converting to HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) we can not only do the conversion for you but dramatically increase your rental income on completion. All these conversions are done to fully comply with Local Council regulations.

If your property is not suitable for HMO but needs improvement, to comply with these regulations, we can again offer an affordable service.

If you are interested email us at for an initial inspection and report with no obligation or cost.

Examples of Normal Rental versus HMO serviced by Smartmove :

Normal 3 Bedroomed House Rental: Landlords income: 500.00 per month. (Rental Guarantee)

Same House after 4 room HMO conversion: Landlords Income: 1110.00 per month. (After all costs deducted. Rentals not guaranteed on HMO’s but in our experience rooms rarely remain empty)

Remember that the Management of the HMO’s or Normal Lets by Smartmove removes all responsibility from the Landlord.  Your property is maintained in serviceable condition and all statutory checks (Fire/Smoke alarms etc) are done and recorded. It really is a no brainer.