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A team you can trust.

ABOUT US: Smartmove is a lettings service specifically developed by landlords for landlords. It is designed to provide landlords with the most complete and hassle free lettings service possible, drawing on the many years experience of the landlords who developed it.

Originally established in Boston, Lincolnshire, we are well aware of all the issues that face private residential landlords on a daily basis. We have tried and tested systems in place to deal with all of your letting needs; whilst employing friendly and experienced staff who are trained to manage property portfolios ( both large and small).

Smartmove has its` own local in-house lettings and technical support teams, ensuring that the administration and maintenance of rental properties is carried out swiftly and efficiently at all times. Over the years, we have established a network of contacts with other relevant organisations (including local authorities and utility companies), ensuring a smooth resolution of any related issues (should they arise).Our own staff will deal with all routine administrative and maintenance related matters without ever troubling the landlord.

Yet the best thing about Smartmove is that landlords can access these resources whilst guaranteeing themselves a regular rental income without fail. This is a goal that the original founders of Smartmove set themselves when designing the ideal lettings service.

We are also proud to sponsor our local community, please see how we have helped to benefit charities and individuals

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